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this. fbi here now. feeling tired and exhausted. and earlier tom donnelly tweeted these photos of what appears to be the scene of the crime. look at this picture. you can see all the police over in this area. and you can also see the weapon over there to the left. and you'll see a picture much closer up right there. you see the gun right there on the ground and the police officers, tony. >> i can't imagine what it must have been like for the passengers in that airport today. >> reporter: yes. >> individuals, couples, families with children traveling on a friday. thank you. >> joining me now from washington, d.c. to talk about the security response to today ace deadly incident is jj green. jj, good to see you as always. >> good to be here. >> i want you to put everyone in the mind of the teams who are working this kind of thing. and talk to us about the mobilization that takes place, the training that these officers, the tsa agents, everyone involved in a situation like this. what is the training of these people go there to handle a situation like this at a major airport? >> well, they'
. police and fbi have been searching for evidence and now they're looking for suspects. let's get to a reporter for our station wtxf, fox in philadelphia, who is live this afternoon. what's the latest there? >> reporter: the fbi now says they're looking for four suspects. witnesses say they were wearing halloween masks and carrying tech 9 semi-automatic machine pistols when they held up an armored car driver in the northeast section of philadelphia. in ten seconds they grabbed money off a hand cart, forced the guard to the group. jumped in a green plymouth voyager and took off down franklin avenue. they ditched the car a half mile from here in a neighborhood. residents saw four or five men running from the vehicle, wearing black hooded sweatshirts, and ran to another vehicle which we're told is a pontiac boston veil and sped away. the fbi agents have been scouring the bank, nearby businesses for surveillance video, and they have been in the neighborhood where there are a number of homes with private surveillance cameras. they're looking for video of the suspects, possibly without
and wounded as he was leaving the same bar. >> now we are going to an fbi news conference on the shooting at lax. >> the support of the complaint which describes the fatal shooting of an on duty tsa officer and the wounding of two uniformed on duty tsa employees when the passenger all of whom sustained gunshot wounds. specifically we allege that at approximately 9:20 a.m., the defendant entered terminal and approached the tsa check point. he is alleged to have pulled a smith and wesson mp 15 assault rifle out of his bag and multiple rounds. standing on duty and in uniform, severely wounding officer hernandez. then alleged to have begun walking away from the wounded tsa officer going up an escalator and then coming back down the escalator to return and shoot the wounded officer again. officer hernandez was fatally wounded in the gunfire. the defendant then moved -- >> again you are taking a listen into this fbi news conference in los angeles about the lax shooting yesterday. the fbi is updating the situation that unfolded and we always have the latest on abc 7 news.com. if we are not on th
to the f.b.i. he was wounded in the face by police officers at the end of friday's gun battle inside lax terminal three. investigators say a note inside his bag gave insight to his frame of mind. >> he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated that he wanted to, quote, instill fear into their traitorous minds. >> the f.b.i. says he shot tsa agent gerardo her and ines and went up the elevator and came down and shot him again, killing him. his widow spoke to reporters. >> he was a wonderful husband, father, brother, son, and friend. he would have been 40 next week. i am truly devastated, and we are all heart-broken and will minutes him dearly. >> the federal complaint says he used a smith and wetson assault rifle and wounded two police officers and a civilian in addition to killing hernandez. the f.b.i. says it will build a full profile of him and what brought him to this point. the 23-year-old was raised in this new jersey house and he had lived in los angeles about 18 months. unanswered are questions about where he g
>>> the fbi reveals details of a handwritten detail by the man accused in the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. why investigators say the heavily armed gunman chose to target the busy airport terminal. >>> now as he tries to leave the field, he's going to collapse, go to his knees. >> sideline scare. houston texans' head coach gary kubiak collapses during the sunday night football game, the second nfl head coach to be hospitalized over the weekend. >>> and sky diver survival. a midair collision at 12,000 feet forces jumpers to make a life saving decision. >> wings came off, they were on fire, everybody got out safely. rings came off, everybody got out safely. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm ann marie green. gunman who opened fire at los angeles international airport has told police he acted alone. paul ciancia told police a friend dropped him off in front of terminal three on friday, he was carrying an assault rifle and five 30-round magazines and in his bag hundreds of more rounds. this morning, he's hospitalized, heavily sedated and under armed
temporalmente después de que se produjera un tiroteo en la terminal 3. fuentes del fbi aseguraron que a estas ahora la situación está bajo control y no se perciben amenazas adicionales. el jefe de la policía explicó que sospechoso, identificado... de 23 años, entró en la terminal , sacó un rifle de asalto de una pausa y abrió fuego; . luego accedió al área de seguridad y realizó varios disparos antes de continuar su curso por los pasillos del aeropuerto, donde fue detenido por la policía. según las autoridades, un agente de la agencia de transporte falleció y otras 7 personas resultaron heridas. - el alcalde de la ciudad de boston, georgia, permanece en condición crítica luego de ser baleado varias veces durante lo que pareció ser un robo a su residencia. según las autoridades, el hombre de 23 años de edad estaba la casa con su mamá cuando ladrones entraron, amarraron a su madre y dispararon contra el alcalde. Él, que fue elegido para ocupar el cargo en noviembre es el alcalde más joven que ha tenido ese estado. - vamos a la noticias más internacionales de este día, en
in the line of duty. >> i'm speechless. i'm shocked. >> reporter: and the shooter, the fbi releasing his picture over night. paul ciancia, an l.a. resident, who authorities say opened fire with a high-power rifle, inside terminal three friday morning. >> we have an active shooting in terminal three. >> reporter: witnesses describe a chaotic scene, saying he started shooting right outside the security checkpoint, as police raced in, he made it all the way to the back of the terminal, near the departure gate. passengers ducked for cover. some even hid in a bathroom stall. officers had their guns drawn, yelling at passengers to drop to the floor. >> everybody on the floor. on the floor, now. >> reporter: and after people ran as fast as they could -- >> go, go. >> reporter: the panic and lockdown that followed blocked accidents from getting close, causing rescuers to run hundreds of yards to get the wounded to safety. when the shooter ran out of bullets in one, he allegedly grabbed another. >> i heard gunshots. a few weekends later, i saw him come up the elevator, and walk about ten feet awa
magazines of ammunition. the fbi says it recovered a handwritten note on ciancia that made it clear he was out to kill multiple tsa officers. authorities say he shot tsa officer gerardo hernandez at point-blank range, sending passengers in the security screening area running for cover. investigators say then ciancia went up an escalator but after apparently spotting hernandez still moving on the floor, he doubled back to shoot him again, killing hernandez. >> there was a pause and so i looked down the escalator and i saw the gunman, he had his gun trained on the guy on the wall there and he shot him twice. >> reporter: in the end, two more tsa officers and a traveler were hit. l.a.x. police shot ciancia several times in the face and neck. he's alive but in his condition, he remains unresponsive. earlier friday morning, ciancia sent his family in new jersey rambling text messages. a woman who says she knows him says ciancia said he was going to commit suicide. the family alerted authorities, who then asked lapd to do a welfare check. if only police had gotten to his place just 45 minute
. the fbi says ciancia is currently in the hospital and is unresponsive. >>james: another airport scare this one in alabama just two days after the deadly shooting at lax. now calling into question is airport security. details coming up. and it was a trip back in time for many as they celebrate their anniversary. we spoke with officials who hope this popular event will turn into an annual event. and it seems as a liquor edward snowden is missing home. with the details in his latest appeal to u.s. officials. >>anny: welcome back. a scare at birmingham alabama's international airport just two days after the deadly shooting at lax is calling into question airport's security. how safe are you at an airport? do americans deck there's a get the nation's airports for granted? cnn's a shelby lynne explains why they shouldn't. >>: sunday afternoon off authorities evacuated the airport over a bomb threat. police say someone found a note containing a spread prompted the evacuation. it cost for cancellation of a dozen flights. birmingham police sergeant says a search at the airport turned up nothin
to the privacy of sid sense. >> james was sworn in as the new head of the fbi. he previously center as deputy attorney general in the bush administration. and those are the headlines at this hour, i am tony harris in new york, "real money" can ali velshi is next on al jazeera. ♪ ♪ >>> danger of slowing home sales goes way beyond the housing market and could hurt you. plus $40 billion is sitting unclaimed in retirement accounts and some of it could be yours. and one man says it's time for the nfl to play by different rules when it comes to paying for new stadiums. i am ali velshi, this is "real money." ♪ ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most important part of the show, so join our live conversation for the next half hour use buy using the #@a.j.realmoney on twitter. the sign that recovery may be starting to slip. pending home sales fell by 5.6% twaeurd to august. the biggest drop in three years, pending homes are those under contract to be closed in the next two months. unlike so many indicators which look at what's already happened this one is about the future, telling us that
! >> reporter: the fbi, san to rosa police, and sonoma police and the attorneys office are conducting investigations into lopez's death. bigad shaban, cbs news. >>> and on friday a concert will be held in honor of michael landberry who was killed last week. a beloved math teacher and former marine has been hailed as a hero. he walked toward a 12-year-old gunman to try to get him to surrender. the boy shot and killed landsberry on the spot. landsberry's wife said she was not surprised that he tried to save others. >> when i first heard this going and i didn't get a text message back from him, i knew, and when it transpired on school grounds, i knew exactly what he did. i knew that he stopped it. i knew he stepped in front. >> he served in afghanistan as a member of the national guard, and his wife said he told her he loved her every day. >>> coming up on the "morning news," taking a walk down penny lane. we'll tell you which beatles' childhood home sold for top dollar. this is the "cbs morning news." beetles apz childhood home sold. to give you energy that lasts. balance bar® dark. ha
in publicly for the first time announcing a formal review of the facts with the fbi prepared to help. >> i do this with an open mind neither accepting nor rejecting the opinions of anyone who has previously investigated the circumstances of his death. >> reporter: after an initial autopsy, the sheriffs departments and bureau of investigation including that johnson died of a tragic accident, that he fell head first into an upright mat, reaching for a shoe, got trapped, and couldn't b breathe. >> we believe we conducted a complete and thorough investigation and we stand by that. >> reporter: johnson's family hired a private pathologist to investigate. >> we found the trauma in an area that had not been previously detected or looked at in the first autopsy. >> reporter: now the case is being reopened by federal authorities. >> we know this was not an accident. we know my son was murdered and we are waiting for the truth to come out. >> reporter: and kendrick johnson's family is waiting for local officials to release 1,900 hours of security video from different cameras in the next few days, image
indicating it was a crime, he'll ask the fbi to conduct an investigation. vinita nair, cbs news. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch," food stamp cutting starts today, and airline lines allowing devices onboard flights. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange. good morning, wendy. >> good morning, anne-marie. asian markets were mixed despite the fact that factories grew during 18 months. tokyo's nikkei lost nearly 1%. hong kong's hang seng added a quarter percent. >>> after posting big gains for october, wall street stocks ended the month slightly slower. the dow jones industrial average lost 73 points on thursday. the nasdaq was off 10 points. >>> starting today, the more than 47 million americans who receive food stamps will have to get by with less help from the federal government. a temporary benefit from the 2009 economic stimulus that increased funding will no longer be available. that means a family of four will receive about $36 less per month. food stamp funding is tied to the wide-ranging farm bill being negotiated in congress. >>> the federal government will be more a
hunt in the fbi. live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. former house speaker tom foley must his bid for reelection in 1994 after he agreed to keep them assault weapons ban even though gun control was unpopular in his district. he was honored at a memorial service at statuary hall by president obama among bill clinton, and his friend and rival, bob michael. he died on october 18. he was 84. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the presentation of the colors, the singing of the national anthem, and the retiring of the colors. >> forward march. >> present. ♪ oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air nightroof through the that our flag was still there. say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free brave?
. no details according to the fbi investigators talked to him and done some of the interview process. when you talk to the fbi and some investigators they're not geting a lot of information about the suspect because of his condition. take a listen. >> is receiving medical treatment. i will not talk about his gunshot wounds. at this point he is unresponsive and we're unable to interview him. >> reporter: unable to interview him right now but before he was taken to the hospital, when he was taken into custody he told agents he acted alone, jenna. we're told he was shot multiple times. one of the reasons why it was difficult to interview him. he was shot in the face as well and heavily sedated. jenna. jenna: more as the story develops, adam, thank you very much. the story broke during "happening now" as viewers saw pictures of wounded being brought out of terminal 3. one of the first eyewitness accounts came in from fox including a member of the fox family. fox sports columnist bill ryder who witnessed chaos in terminal 3. we're lucky to have him as our guest. great to be see you. >> hi, jenna. g
hadn't been down here rallying for 32 weeks for nothing. >> reporter: michael moore called in the fbi to assist his office in the investigation and to get answers to several basic questions in the teen's january death. >> first, what was the cause of mr. johnson's death? second, was mr. johnson's death the result of a crime? third, if mr. johnson's death was the result of a crime, who committed that crime? >> reporter: kendrick's parents never believed the local sheriff's explanation kendrick suffocated after squeezing his 19-inch shoulders into the 14 1/2-inch rolled gym mat opening to reach his shoe in the middle of a school day. they spoke with wolf blitzer moments after the announcement. >> i believe indeed that he was murdered. >> do you have any idea who may have murdered him? >> no, i don't. that's what we want to get down to the truth. >> the only question we want to know is why are they covering up for whoever killed their son. >> reporter: questions to the sheriff's department has made the johnson's suspicion, including why these shoes found yards from kendrick's body were n
no idea that a gunman, later identified as ciancia, was shooting up terminal 3 at lax. the fbi has since joined pennsville police at the ciancia home in new jersey. >> chief, new this family well. what kind of people is this family? >> good people. >> he's a graduate of a delaware high school. former classmates said he kept to himself and may have been bullied. abc7 news. >> the shooting caused massive air traffic trouble across the country. hundreds of flights had to be diverted from lax. some were cancelled and some were delayed. we have more on the inconvenience for travelers. >> reporter: many of these travelers had been stuck at all day. sebastian was coming back from australia. his plane landed at 9:0030 a.m., just minutes after the shooting. >> my brother, who lives in los angeles, texted me on my phone as soon as i landed and said be careful, there's been a shooting there. >> jenne was also traveling to sfo from australia. she realized something was wrong after she got her baggage. >> the doors closed and there was a hold up at the doors. one of the police or sta said look, there
. very nice guy. i am speechless. i am shocked. >> reporter: the shooter, the fbi releasing his photo, paul ciancia who authorities say opened fire with a a high powered rifle. >> security in terminal 3. >> witnesses say there was a chaotic scene saying he started shooting outside the check point. as the police raced in he made it back to the terminal near the departure gate. passengers ducked for cover and some even hid in a bathroom stall. officers had their guns drawn yelling at passengers to drop to the floor. >> on the floor! on the floor! >> as people ran as fast as they could, the panic and the lock down that followed blocked ambulances from getting close causing rescue wokers to race hundreds of yards to get the wounded to safety. witnesses say the shooter was armed with multiple guns. when he ran out of bullets in one, he allegedly grabbed another. >> i heard gunshots. a few seconds later i saw him coming up the elevator and walk by 10 feet away with his gunpointed. >> hernandez, a behavioral detection officer hired to recognize strange behavior, shot dead. two other officer
. at the had no idea that a gunman, later identified as ciancia, was shooting up terminal 3 at lax. the fbi has since joined pennsville police at the ciancia home in new jersey. >> reporter: chief, you know this family well, you grew up with their family. what kind of people are they? >> good people. >> he's a graduate of a delaware high school. former classmates said he kept to himself and may have been bullied. abc7 news. >> the shooting caused massive air traffic trouble across the country. hundreds of flights had to be diverted from lax. some were cancelled and some were delayed. we have more on the inconvenience for travelers. >> reporter: just before 9:00 p.m. these weary travelers arrived at sfo. many had been stuck at lax all day. sebastian was coming back from australia. his plane landed at 9:0030 a.m., just minutes after the shooting. >> my brother, who lives in los angeles, texted me on my phone as soon as i landed and said be careful, there's been a shooting there. >> jenne was also traveling to sfo from australia. she realized something was wrong after she got her baggage. >> the d
into their traitorous minds. >> reporter: the fbi believes ciancia was dropped off here at l.a.x., but they have not yet identified the driver. the 23-year-old remains hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds. he's been unresponsive medically, but police say they do hope to question him. erica? >> miguel almaguer, thank you. >>> of course, this attack at los angeles international airport has travelers across the country wondering how safe they are. and if there's really any way to prevent a shooting spree like this in an airport. kristen welker is covering that angle. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. tsa officials say they screen about 1.8 million passengers every day, and they say what happened on friday is incredibly rare. still, some security experts say it may be an indication that there should be some changes. in the wake of the shooting at l.a.x., some travelers in this country remain unnerved. >> obviously, all of us were shocked and saddened that we've had another incident. >> it's a surprise and concern for anyone that was there and involved. >> reporter: securi
that reportedly, fbi agents recovered here at the airport after he was shot. where he was talking about the tsa, he was talking about the nsa. and that he said he wanted to instill fear in the tsa agents for the way they conduct themselves. now why he got to the point that he was so angry at the tsa, that's a question we still don't know. and we don't know if we'll ever get an answer, because at this point, ciancia is still unresponsive. if he does come to, he faces two felony charges on what he did do, wolf? >> thanks very much, stephanie elam. we're also learning more about the tsa officer killed in the shooting. jirardo hernandez was what's being called a behavior determination officer at l.a.x. he had been at the airport for three years. hernandez leaves behind a wife and two children. and was a week away, only a week away from celebrating his 40th birthday. two other officers, james spear and tony griggsby were wounded. they've been released from the hospital. a local schoolteacher, brian ludber was also wounded, he's still in the hospital. >>> there's some calling for all tsa officers to
of the five 9/11 defendants stopped, the fbi sent in a so-called "clean team" to question them all over again, but without coercion. and those statements are admissible. >> bormann: it's like alice going down the rabbit hole, right? you torture him for three years. you keep him in captivity after you stop torturing him in a place like guantanamo bay. and then, you send in agents from the same government that tortured him for three years to take statements. and then, if you're general martins, you say, "well, those are now clean." guess what. they're not. >> martins: i understand, i understand the argument. the people do not forfeit their chance for accountability because someone may have crossed a line or have coerced or subjected to harsh measures somebody who is in custody. >> stahl: so you're saying that it's unfair to the justice system not to be able to question these guys later. >> martins: the point that i reject and that the law rejects is that there can be no voluntary statements following an instance of coercion. justice requires that you look deeper, that you determine if the state
is associate a number, and then give that to fbi and let them too -- do that. you know, this is 5 hugely important point brought up because i think it's important for the american people to understand that we're not collecting contents of the e-mail or phones or listening to that. you see that coming around. we don't have that information nor do we collect that. we have what's in the business record fisa, and what we're authorized under a fisa court warned, and if it's a u.s. person we have to get that, and even if they are are overseas with the app rat tis. this is a huge point. i think a lot of people assume because we can, we are seeing this system has tremendous oversight and controls, its focus, and if we make a mistake, even in transition, we report it. this is not, nor have we seen where anybody other than the 12 cases over a decade is anybody going out and collecting on u.s. persons ill leetly. we're not doing it, and if we find somebody do it, we'll hold them accountable. that's a guarantee. >> well, i'm running out of time, but, you know, i just wanted to make a point that a lo
an off-duty pilot has been charged with extremely bad behavior with a teenage passenger. the fbi is now involved. all that ahead. >>> but let's get right to sam champion, back from miami. and what's this halloween storm we're talking about? >> here's the deal. since the summer season is over and you get into the holidays that involve people being outside. this is the worst time to get a line of severe storms. and we've got two days of it. whether you're celebrating with your family outdoors today, there's five states under thunderstorm warnings. if it's tomorrow, there are ten states. and on the real halloween day, we're talking about 25 million people in the way of this line of strong to severe storms. so let's just get right to it. in comes this powerful cold front. substantial shift in cold air behind it. the warm, humid air ahead of it. these storms are going to be powerful in dallas, austin, san antonio, oklahoma city. i think the -- probably that area of arkansas into texas is going to be a rough one. take the line of storms into the day tomorrow, and this really fires up. here's
longer. police and the fbi have questioned members of his family in new jersey. ciancia's father tells us he talked to him last week complaining of the economy and not having a job and a roommate in los angeles says all of this comes as a shock. >> never had anger or anything in him. when he was here, nothing. i didn't have any issues with him or anything. he was a really nice job. -- nice guy. a bit loner, introverted but nothing i would ever expect him to do something like this. >> reporter: both state and local official say they have no record of any trouble from before paul ciancia and at a loss to explain this morning why a 23-year-old who apparently didn't fly much would be so angry at the tsa. erica, lester? >> one of the many questions. pete williams, thank you. >>> william bratton was the chief of police in los angeles for seven years until 2009. good morning. not it diminish their role, but tsa are not police officers and not armed guards. anyone to prevent someone from getting through the checkpoints? >> the tsa agents are, in fact, unarmed and you rely largely on airport polic
service analyzed fbi data on justifiable homicide before and after the 2005 wave of stand your ground laws and found that racial disparities clearly increased. i'll be putting this crs memo in the record. it is clearly time for stand your ground laws to be carefully reviewed and reconsidered. whatever the motivation behind them, it's clear these laws often go too far in encouraging confrontations that escalate into deadly violence. they are resulting in unnecessary tragedies, and they are diminishing accountability under our justice system. i'm pleased at the efforts to reconsider these laws are now underway. one of the legislators who drafted florida's law joined with some of its chief opponents in a bipartisan effort to change the law. they've been passed in a state senate committee in florida. there's more that needs to be done, but we seem to be moving past the question of whether stand your ground laws should be fixed. now we should be looking at the best way to fix them. i urge other states that have stand your ground i laws to revisit them as well. to the extent that stand your grou
it happened. to that end, we as the seansah family have fully cooperated with the fbi and other law enforcement agencies over the last several days. it's most port for us as a family to express our deep and sincere sympathy to the hernandez family. >> meanwhile, the woman who knows the alleged gunman and his three room mates is sharing details about ciancia and the day of the shooting exclusively with cnn. stephanie elam, let me bring you in. you're live outside l.a.x. first, let's talk about police because we know his parents alerted police. police were within minutes of his apartment on friday morning. >> within minutes. we're talking about 45 minutes, brooke. what we understand happened is that allegedly, paul ciancia sent a text message to his brother and father on that morning, on friday morning, according to this woman who knows ciancia, he said he was going to kill himself. that sent them to call the authorities in their town. they then reached out to the los angeles police department who then went to do a welfare check, but seauns yauz was already gone. he asked another room
is formally reviewing the death of kendrick johnson and the fbi will help. >> i want the truth. >> we have a body. there's a dead body out here. >> the teenager was found dead in a rolled up gym mat at his high school in valdosta, georgia. these clips show his final hours but don't know how his body ended up inside the mat. his parents hope 1900 hours of other imagines from cameras might show more. they believe their son was murdered and someone tried to cover it up. >> we won't stop until we get the truth. >> reporter: local officials concluded his death was an accident. that he fell head first reaching for a shoe and suffocated but in a second autopsy, a private pathologist said it was due to blunt force trauma on his neck. a mystery they hope to sort out. >>> the doctor convicted in michael jackson's death is suing to get his license back. dr. conrad murray says the state of texas pulled his license prematurely. he says he has the right to work until all of his appeals are exhausted in the state of california. >>> boston's world series trophy is making the rounds today. even the ice cou
was shot by police. she's still in the hospital and unconscious so he has not been questioned. the fbi says 39-year-old hernandez was shot at point blank range. then the gunman came because because he saw hernandez moving. his grieving wife speaks out for the first time. >> he was always excited to go to work and enjoyed the interaction with the passengers at l.a.x. he was a joyful person, always smiling. he took pride in his duty for the american public and for the tsa mission. >> there were two other agents injured. they're now recovering. >>> overnight a shooting on homecoming weekend at a college in north carolina. police say somebody was firing off a gun near a dorm near the campus of north carolina state at&t university. the university was put on lockdown. the lockdown is over but the shooter is still out there and the search continues. luckily the student that was shot should be okay. >>> nothing short of a miracle. listen to this story, unbelievable. a group of 8 skydivers and two pilots lucky to be alive after the two planes they were in collided in the air. one plane was sent plum
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